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'’ is a sister site to Albuquerque Business Law, P.C. Partner attorney, James Burns has experience in all aspects of bankruptcy law..

James T. Burns

Prior to the practice of law, James was a corporate manager with a large market research firm. Like many of our clients, James has started and successfully managed businesses of his own, primarily in the area of technology start-ups. James was also a prizewinner in the UNM Business Plan Competition and has completed numerous consulting projects to help clients achieve their legal and business goals.

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Get the fresh start you want - and deserve!

Bankruptcy can mean a new beginning. If you are experiencing any type of financial distress, whether personal or business related, you are probably experiencing a great deal of feelings and emotional trauma you may have never felt before. Seeking help from a bankruptcy attorney in New Mexico can help ease the pain associated with insurmountable debt, relieve anxiety that comes every time a creditor calls you, and give you hope for a financially secure future.

New Mexico Bankruptcy solutions tailored to your situation

We are here to help you craft a plan to deal with your situation, not try to make your situation fit into a one-size-fits-all bankruptcy. We also understand that it can be very difficult to openly seek help from a bankruptcy attorney during these times of difficulty. This is why we handle each business bankruptcy, and each personal bankruptcy case with complete confidentiality and extreme sensitivity towards each unique financial situation.

Together, we can help you formulate a solid financial plan to get you back on track.

What type of bankruptcy should you file? Or should you?

When considering bankruptcy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, the type of bankruptcy you file, largely depends on the type of debt you are facing. Bankruptcy may not even be the best solution for you. Everyone’s debt situation is unique, therefore each case is unique. James Burns has chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and alternative creditor workout scenarios.

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ABL: Bankruptcy attorneys can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process. Although we are based in Albuquerque, we can help with any type of bankruptcy in any part of New Mexico. The fresh start you deserve is only a phone call or (email) away.

What Happens to Your Car Loan After Bankruptcy?

What happens to your car loan when you declare bankruptcy? That is one of the biggest questions facing people when they consider bankruptcy.

What happens to your car loan after bankruptcy? That is one of the biggest questions facing people when they consider filing for bankruptcy. The advantage of bankruptcy is that it provides a way to get rid of debt when you can no longer pay for it. The disadvantage is that sometimes you need to keep some […]

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Will Filing For Bankruptcy Affect Your Job?

Many people are concerned about whether filing for bankruptcy will affect their current job or their ability to get a job in the future. This is especially true in certain fields such as law enforcement or jobs requiring a federal security clearance.

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The Bankruptcy “Means Test” and the Marriage Penalty

The Bankruptcy “Means Test” and the Marriage Penalty

For people contemplating bankruptcy, and there may be a divorce or separation in the couple’s future, it is important to make a strategic decision of when to file the divorce and when to file the bankruptcy.

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Business Bankruptcy on the Rise in New Mexico

Business Bankruptcies on the Rise in New Mexico

According to a recent ABQ Journal article, New Mexico business bankruptcies filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court last year surpassed 50 cases for the first time in nine years.

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Rebuilding Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Our clients who work diligently to immediately start rebuilding their credit after their bankruptcy case is discharged are often able to have “good” credit scores within 15 months after discharge.

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What Can You Lose in a Bankruptcy Filing?

What Can You Lose in a Bankruptcy Filing?

What can you lose in a Bankruptcy filing? If you are choosing to file for any type of bankruptcy protection, it is important that you are aware of what you can lose after filing.

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